Monday, February 13, 2006

Buckshot Musings

Life can be such a metaphor.  Is it at all surprising that a man incapable of being a straight shooter should misfire so badly as to hit one of his buddies rather than the target bird?  To be sure the Vice President didn’t mean it. He had his focus on quail (not his predecessor but the flying kind), when poor Harry Wittington became collateral damage.  The forever cross looking Cheney also didn’t mean to become another poster child for the innate life-threatening danger of guns, but there it is.  Nor did the man who had as much if not more to do with sending our young people into harms way understand the irony of his being out on a pleasure shoot when they were getting shot at for real.  Notwithstanding the almost unreported accident, his intended prey was hardly a group of armed insurgents, but a defenseless bunch of the avian kind.  Oh that’s it; he was out there doing prophylactic work protecting us from a potential flu pandemic.

If our condition were not so desperate, Cheney’s misadventure on that 50,000 acre ranch would be comical.  In ordinary circumstances, one couldn’t even begrudge the VP a little R&R.  But coinciding with Congressional findings on the administration’s cavalier mismanagement of Katrina when #1 was also on holiday in Texas, it’s hard to be sympathetic.  If you watched the astoundingly underwhelming Attorney General dissemble before the Judiciary Committee and Brownie’s pathetic pass-the-buck “comeback” attempt or heard about Scooter’s fingering his boss on the leaks you begin to worry seriously about the country we are leaving to our children.  It just happens that I’ve been rereading the Constitution in recent days and clearly the framers had nothing like this in mind. 

Shortly before Dick Cheney went out and shot the lawyer (an activist approach to tort reform), he gave an interview to Jim Lehrer in which, among other things, he said that the administration could not brief the whole Intelligence Committee on its controversial eavesdropping program – which is exactly what they did the very next day.  But what struck me was that unlike the “I make no mistakes President” who recently admitted a few, this guy continues to hold his crooked mouthed line.  It was Dick Cheney who proclaimed, as if it were settled fact, that Saddam and Osama were working hand in glove and that nuclear weapons were on the verge of being in Iraq's arsenal.  He doesn't say that any more, but remains in serious denial of his many recorded public misstatments.  Dick Cheney can’t shoot straight and can’t talk straight. 

Ah metaphors, what happened to metaphors?  Hunting accidents, said the Texas hospital spokesman today, are common in these parts.  Could the buckshot in that rifle Patrick Fitzgerald has been aiming at Scooter (and perhaps Karl) cause some more significant collateral damage?  I wonder if they will be able to keep that under wraps for 24 hours.

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