Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Dr. Judith Steinberg

While I never understood her obsession with Bill Clinton's sex life, I'm really quite a fan of Maureen Dowd.  Funny thing is, I don't know if she has a husband or, if so, who he is.  He plays no role in my reading her regular NY Times column.  A woman who has broken through in the competitive world of journalism and yet today she writes a piece questioning why Dr. Judith Steinberg, the wife and one time medical practice partner, of Howard Dean is not out on the campaign trail.  Why doesn't this lady give up what she's doing to be at her husband's side?  Now anyone who reads my blogs knows that I am a Dean supporter, and that I think effecting regime change in Washington is a high national priority, but that doesn't mean what Dr. Steinberg is doing is without consequence.

She is a country doctor with real patients — a doctor who still makes the occasional house calls like our family doctor and others like him regularly did when I was a kid.  In a time when for most people medicine is in crisis, what could be more important than that?  Ask her patients how they would feel if she hung a "closed for the duration of my husband's campaign" sign on the door.  Obviously he hasn't ask her to do that.  One has to wonder if she were the one running for President whether Maureen Dowd or others would be complaining that Dr. Dean had not abandoned his medical practice to be at her side?  Of course they wouldn't.  Maureen, have you heard of the Women's Movement?  And by the way, where would you be, placed in the same situation?  I still admire your columns, still will read them every Sunday and Thursday, but shame on you today.  And bravo to you Dr. Steinberg, for having the commitment that I so admire in my own doctor, a man who happens to be married to a practicing physician just like you. 

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