Friday, March 14, 2003


It's been widely reported that George Bush continues to sleep soundly and comfortably apparently undisturbed by the events of the day. Then why am I having so much trouble sleeping, and why are so many other ordinary people like me having the same problem? I think the contrast says a lot about our situation and about why so many have taken to the streets here and around the world questioning his march toward war. There is a huge disconnect here. Bush looks into the world and may mouth words about the awesome responsibility, but essentially his sanguine, sure of himself and certain of the outcome. Perhaps he knows something that we don't, but I seriously doubt it. We look out with a combination of being far less certain and simply being scared. Donald Rumsfeld speaks glibly of our ability to fight on many fronts with or without the British. But his grandkids aren't sitting in a practice dessert foxhole. The parents of those who are at the front may share his hopes, but when your child is at real risk you tend to be less certain. And, despite all their training and self-discipline, those kids on the sand are scared too. To be sure, leaders can always fall casualty to war, but it's the common folk, people like us who usually bare the brunt and the greatest risk.

It doesn't bother me that there are those, even in high places, who feel that there may be times to stand our ground and fight to protect ourselves or to combat tyranny. How could a child of German Jewry feel that? What does concern me is that Mr. Bush and one would assume others in his team aren't losing sleep about it. That's so unnatural that it's scary.

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